Bio Calci-72


Bio Calci-72 is organic calcium with minerals.

  • Organic
  • Contain minerals such as: magnesium, zinc, phosphor, calium, natrium, manganesse
  • Fat free
  • Better absorption
  • Stomach friendly
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Calcium Carbonate

  • A common form of calcium supplement
  • Alkaline-based compound
  • The highest concentrations of elemental calcium (40%)
  • Low to medium bioavailability
  • Best absorb in acid stomach condition

Calcium Citrate

  • Acidic base
  • Better absorbed
  • Less elemental calcium concentration (20%)
  • Low bioavailability

Calcium Gluconate

  • Very low levels of actual calcium concentration
  • No certain bioavailability

Calcium Lactate

  • Found in foods such as aged cheese and baking powder
  • Medium bioavailability in the body
  • Absorbed at various pH levels

Calcium Phosphate

  • The main form of calcium coming from cow’s milk
  • Supplemental forms not readily bioavailable