Erdosteine 300mg/ 175mg/5ml


Vectrine is the commercial name of Erdosteine. Vectrine is the third-generation of mucolytic drugs patented by Edmond Pharma (Italy) .

Recommended by ACCP ( American College of Chest Physicians)'s guide to treating mucous cough and BNF's guide to treating acute episodes of bronchitis, and European Respiratory Journal (2017)'s guide to treating COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Latest-generation mucolytic and COPD treatment drugs with superior effect.

Synergy effects with antibiotics

Improve respiratory indexes better than Ambrosol* & Carbocysteine**

Stomach friendly

Has separate dosage form for adults (capsule) and children (syrup)

* Ginesu F. FARMO 83/R. Controlled clinical trial vs ambroxol. Single blind controlled design vs ambroxol. Data on file , 1988

*** Dal Negro, R., Visconti, M., Trevisan, F., Bertacco, S., Micheletto, C. and Tognella, S. (2008). Erdosteine enhances airway responese to salbutamol in patients with mild-to-moderate COPD. Therapeutic Advances in Respiratory Disease, 2(5), pp.271-277