Hemotreat™ Suppository (10-12 suppositories/box)

Fast Safe Effective Hemorrhoidal Symptom Relief

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Hemotreat is a hemorrhoidal cream with the following indications:

– Helps relieve itching and discomfort associated with internal and external haemorrhoids, and anorectal disorders
– Relieves pain associated with anorectal inflammation and inflamed hemorrhoidal tissues
– Provide cooling sensation

• Lubricant, favoring hemorrhoids decreasing
• Soothing the itching sensation
• Reduces pain and local inflammation
• Re-establishes and keeps the normal operation of anal mucosa

Having a good tolerance at rectal mucosa and skin level, HemoTreat H suppository is one of the most efficient way to improve, treat and prevent internal hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
• Also, the irritations or other unpleasant symptoms are quickly and efficiently controlled due to the properties of product ingredients